ETwinning Christmas

Shortly before the Christmas break, the students of Grade 4 were really excited to receive beautiful wishes from their peers in the eTwinning project EuroChristmas.

The students studied many different ways to express wishes in English and made Christmas cards with the wish they chose for the partner schools. They decorated and sent eTwinning balls for their partners’ Christmas trees and wrote a recipe for a Greek traditional New Year’s cake called Vasilopita, which is included in a collaborative book of European Christmas recipes. Finally, they sang carols to contribute to the creation of a digital collection of carols from all partner countries.

In addition to the obvious benefits of learning English as a situated practice in authentic environments, the project activities have given students the opportunity to experience the richness of Europe’s Christmas customs, realizing the beauty and the importance of diversity, and to cultivate intercultural awareness and European Citizenship, exploring elements they share with other peoples. Taking into account that more than 100 schools from 18 European countries were actively involved in the project, the final outputs constitute a remarkable effort to collect data on Europe’s customs and traditions, as these have been performed and recorded by the students and teachers of the partner schools.

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