European Code Week

EU Code Week is an initiative which aims to bring coding and digital literacy to everybody in a fun and engaging way. As part of its celebration from 19th to 25th October, we encourage the students of our school to participate in activities that boost computational thinking and creativity, problem solving and collaboration through programming.

To this end, we have organised the following activities:

  • WeDo Robotics: the students of Class C1, under the supervision of their teacher Ms. Styliani Sioulis, will get familiar with programming and STEM using Lego WeDo 2.0 in collaborative activities. They are going to build simple robotic machines, develop construction-motor skills as they acquire basic concepts from the natural and programming world.
  • Computational thinking-Make a monster!: the students of the 4th Grade, under the guidance of Ms. Pashalina Skmniotis (IT Teacher), will experience the 4 steps of computational thinking – decomposition, patterns, abstraction, algorithm.
  • Programming Riddles of Mathematical Logic: the students of the 6th Grade, under the supervision of Ms Pashalina Skmniotis (IT Teacher), are going to set a game with mathematical puzzles using Scratch. The puzzles are based on Boolean Algebra and in the game they are going to be associated with truth tables and the logical operators AND/OR/NOT. The activities aim to develop students’ computational thinking and, thereby, their ability to solve complex logical problems, as well as to practice their skills in game programming and design/development.

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