Job shadowing for teachers from Escola Bellavista-Joan Camps, Spain

Our school participated as the receiving organisation in an Erasmus+ KA1 program run by the Escola Bellavista-Joan Camps from Spain, hosting three teachers for job shadowing. Our participation in the program resulted from the teachers’ collaboration in the eTwinning project Languages United implemented with Grade E during the previous school year 2020-2021.

The Spanish teachers observed Arts, Drama Education and English classes, as well as our clubs on Astronomy and STEM, Games with mobile technologies, Physical Computing and STEAM and “The Little Artist”, focusing on methods and practices, the use of ICT and classroom management. During their stay, they observed the organization of school life, discussed extensively and exchanged views with our school teachers regarding the programs we implement, the philosophy of the educational system in the two countries and the common issues and challenges we face. Finally, they toured the sights of our city, learnt about its history and got a glance at our way of life.

At the end of their visit, they communicated their impressions, writing:

Our first impression of the building from the outside was not of a typical school. The appearance was a little bit damaged but it follows the aesthetics of the city of Thessaloniki. We also think that it is a school surrounded by other buildings, as in some schools of Barcelona city.

On the other hand, when you come inside the school you can feel the warmth and friendliness of the children and the teachers. We felt that the children move around the school as if they were at home and we love that feeling.

We also loved the welcome and the disposition of the teachers and the students.

Furthermore, we are really surprised at the effort and dedication of the teachers because we noticed that they want to improve and teach the children even without the needed resources.

We also have seen the tolerance and solidarity of all the teachers when they have to share the same places, for example the playground.

We also highlight the autonomy and responsibility of the students in each situation (they go alone to the playground, they come back, they use the computers and tablets without supervision, tidying up the material…).

We also were impressed by the projects that the school carries out (eTwinning, Clubs, Drama, ICT…).

We are very happy and proud of visiting your school. We have seen that you are so brave to run your school project even with the resources that you have. That encourages us to work  with the same strength.

Maria Nieves Martínez Aparicio, Maria Rosa Ruiz Borralleras, Sònia Navas Portella

We seek to strengthen the connection and the cooperation between the two schools with the joint implementation of new European and transnational programmes in the near future.

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