Our participation in the Global Action Days 2022

Our school participates in the Global Action Days 2022 campaign coordinated worldwide by the Foundation for Environmental Education.

Τhis year’s #GlobalActionDays campaign invites the FEE network to participate in small, positive actions, or #handprints, that protect, restore and celebrate global biodiversity.

Accordingly, our students took advantage of their Easter break and spring getaways to investigate the wild flowers of the Greek countryside. At first, they used the online application https://plant.id/ to find the names of the flowers they saw on their trips in the Greek countryside. Then, they studied the information provided on https://www.inaturalist.org/ and other sites in order to record their experience and findings in English, thereby contributing in the making of an e-book entitled Wild flowers of the Greek countryside. The activities were implemented under the guidance of their English Language teacher Myrto Nerantzi.

What triggered the students’ interest was the in-class discussion of the concepts Environmental Citizen Science, Open Science and active participation in scientific processes, in relation to the nature app https://www.inaturalist.org/ and the #GlobalActionDays campaign coordinated by the FEE. Starting with the observation and identification of native species, the students studied their characteristics, collected additional information and recorded their experience in a foreign language together with findings of their research. In this respects, they associated an out-of-school activity with scientific research and learning, also realising the importance of biodiversity.

#GlobalActionDays, #MyActionsMatter, #GAIA2030, #GenerationRestoration, & #LitterLessCampaign

Book titled 'Wild flowers of the Greek countryside'Read this book made on StoryJumper

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