Innovative project Arete Pilot 2

The students of Class D1 were introduced to the Arete Geometry App, which made it easier to understand the process of obtaining knowledge of Geometry. Our school participates in the research and innovation programme Arete Pilot 2 with the aim of improving school education by mainstreaming innovative practices.

Students formed pairs and each student was provided with an iPad, the Arete Geometry application installed and the target image printed on a paper cube. The Augmented Reality (AR) Arete Geometry app allowed small group students to explore the structure of a geometric solid figure, to explore 2D and 3D shapes from all angles, to understand the properties of geometric shapes and to unfold 3D objects. The application requires the use of smartphones and/or tablets and a target image that is used just as a start marker.

The main learning objectives for the learners were:

  • to recognize solid figures,
  • to draw and translate representations of different 3D solids in 2D figures,
  • to recognize the significant features (corners and edges and distinctive properties).

Furthermore, this method of innovative and immersive learning can strongly benefit children who are visual learners or who require additional learning modalities.

Coordination of the European project, learning design and instruction

Stella Siouli

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