Primary school Children sufficiently apply life supporting first aid

First aid and Basic Life Support are so important that teaching basic first aid should be compulsory in all schools. Commencing first aid training in primary school children and updating skills regularly throughout life may give individuals the confidence to respond to emergency situations.

The students of C1 class were introduced to First Aid and Basic Life Support, in the framework of the Action Plan “Live Better: First Aid – How to save lives”.

During the training, the students were informed about the medical emergency phone number (166), when to use it and what information to provide to the person on the other end of the line. They also learned placing a victim in recovery position and how to perform chest compressions without resuscitation due to Covid-19.

The benefits of teaching first aid and CPR to school children are many. First aid training provides children with a vital knowledge base for dealing with medical emergencies they may be faced. If they are given the skills required to deliver first aid, they could potentially save the life of someone who perhaps would not survive. In fact, they could even help a friend or a family in need. What’s more, it can really boost their confidence, so they feel fully prepared should they or their friends need first line medical help.

Our students enjoyed the training and most of them agreed that they will share their knowledge and skills with family and friends. Self-evidently, integration into the curriculum could encourage dissemination of first aid and CPR knowledge to the wider community. Finally, early training sets the stage for subsequent training and better retention.

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